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5 Essential WordPress Plugins for Beginners

There are over 50,000 WordPress plugins currently available to download. Needless to say, not all plugins are required, and to be honest, most are not helpful.

It can be quite overwhelming to decide which plugins are right for your business. Personally, I’ve had great experiences with these 5 plugins featured in this post. My hope is that you find them valuable as well!

What is a plugin?

A plugin is a downloadable website extension that contains specific functionality that helps improve the usability of a website.

Think of your website as a car, plugins are the tires that help it run smooth.

Here are a few of the many uses for plugins:

  • Email list management
  • Website security
  • Photo storage and sharing
  • Search engine optimization
  • Website analytics

Now let’s go over the 5 Essential WordPress Plugins for Beginners:

Yoast SEO

This plugin helps WordPress users track their Search Engine Optimization (SEO) performance, and offers tips and guidelines to improve it. Yoast is great for writing blog posts and seeing where your keywords are most useful. It shoes you how well your blog post is written by using their color system as a visual:

Yoast SEO homepage

You can read more about this plugin on their website.


Besides having a unique name, the Sucuri plugin is responsible for maintaining the safety and security of your WordPress site. When it comes to web security, there are many different solutions on the market. I especially like Sucuri for it’s Malware scans and website backup features.

Sucuri Plugin Dashboard

Their dashboard makes navigation user-friendly and alerts you to any possible threats to your site!


One of the best email management tools on the market is ConvertKit. I personally use it, and I love it. You are able to create sequences and targeted content directly from the platform. Pricing is below:

ConvertKit pricing


Perhaps one of the most recognized names for WordPress plugins is Woocommerce. If you’ve bought anything through an online eCommerce store, chances are it was done through Woocommerce.

This plugin can handle secure credit card transactions, monthly reporting and so much more all within the plugin dashboard. Several premium paid features are also available.

WP Rocket

Wordpress rocket

Simply put, this plugin can make your website run lighting fast. Having a fast-performing website can make or break a sale with a customer. The best part? No coding required. Just plug it in, and watch it work!

I hope you got a nice review of my top 5 plugins for beginners, and can start implementing them on your own website! Not sure where to start with that? Check out the Starting From Zero Workbook and build your own website today!

Any other plugins you like? Let me know in the comments below!

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